Relaxation, Deep Tissue, (NEW) Massage Cupping:

15 Minute Massage - $20

30 Minute Massage - $35

45 Minute Massage - $45

60 Minute Massage - $60

75 Minute Massage - $70

90 Minute Massage - $85

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BODYOASIS Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage:

30 Minute - $35

45 Minute - $45

60 Minute - $60

60 Minute Body Treatment: $70.00 ​​Replenish your skin now with a Blissful Back Massage. Your shoulders, back, legs and feet are replenished and remoisturized while being rejuventated and relaxed. Includes: exfoliation, moist, hot towels, and a relaxing, moisturizing massage.  

Reiki: $50.00

Pronounced- Ray-key. Reiki is an energy healing practice that is done while fully clothed by placing the hands in a series of positions on or slightly above the body. It promotes healing by activating the relaxation response & helping the body to balance itself.

Located at Family Chiropractic

216 N Main St, Monticello, IA

Office Phone: (319) 465-2060

Cell: (563) 599-7477

90 Minute Body Treatment: $95.00  Choose from one of our signature scents. This 90 minute treatment will include, exfoliation, hot towels applied to remove scrub, rehydration of the skin and massage. You will leave feeling relaxed and ultra hydrated.